Original Music from Writer, Producer, and Entertainer, Scott Turner.
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The newest album by Scott Turner titled Love and Sex
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A musician from the school of "git'er done", Scott Turner is a rural northern PA native with a strong musical background and a drive to create new music. With a track record of thousands of great performances and a history of countless original works, Scott Turner hits the ground running with the "Love and Sex" album. The extended title of the album is, "Love and Sex and other things that go good with beer." ...so grab a beer, sit back and enjoy!

Featuring his trademark rhythmic acoustic guitar, punchy bass and funky drum jamin, this Scott Turner production keeps a country feel while spanning rock to bluegrass in the musical genre blurs.
The "Band of 1" core allows for some mixed and melodic instrument adds.

Scott Turner - "... this is a great mix of tunes, and I think it's obvious I had a blast in the studio... I just wanted to make sure the audience knew I had a great time writing and recording these songs..."

...From chuckles to belly laughs, from swaying to waltzing, from clogging to two steppin, "Love and Sex" delivers the perfect mix of indie inspiration.

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Artist influences include; Willie Nelson, Hayes Carll, John Prine, Jimmy Buffet, Tom Petty, Ricky Skaggs, Todd Snyder, Robert Earl Keen, Kris Kristofferson, and the late, great George Jones, and Hank Williams.

"I love old classic country music. Those old tunes will always be a part of my musical soul, but there are a whole bunch of great newer artists out here that have made their way into that same soul... "

Scott Turner's, "Love and Sex and other things that go good with beer" is becoming a favorite among "Band of 1" fans. This is what an Indie album is all about! Starting with the first cut, "Butter Face", a song that kicks the party off with rocking lap steel, raucous drums and groovin acoustic guitar, a stellar strat break and hilarious unforgettable lyrics.

"I am always hoping that if a song makes me laugh, it will make the audience laugh too."

Scott has captured some fabulous indie music sounds on this self-produced album, along with "Twain-ish, Prine-ian" moments of compelling lyrical twists. The writing is simple, sound, and seasoned, and the mega-multi instrument performance is pulled off in style by the one man wonder.

Download the "Love and Sex" album from CDbaby.com ...CLICK HERE

"...I guess when it comes down to it, if I were required to play the studio version in my live show, I would need about 10 arms..."

The second song, "Drink a Joint", a clever, fun and rowdy take on sobriety, easily slides into the Outlaw Country genre. This is a perfect example of a song that breaks away from the traditional "Band of 1" instrumentation and allows Scott to display his love for playing many other instruments. Here you will find classic drum sounds, fat and fluid bass, gutsy Gibson acoustic guitar strummin, and country blues electric guitar riffs counterpoint to the entertaining, story telling, swinging singing vocal... all performed by Scott.

"...this is a scene right out of the movie that I call my life... moments lived, lessons learned and then forgotten again... yeh, I'll drink to that!"

No tempo is lost heading into the third song of the album, "Fishin' and a Pickin'", a toe tappin’ sojourn of the same title. Scott adds bountiful riffs on the tri-cone resonator guitar and mandolin in this country bluegrass crossover. Some fine pickin' fills around a story of what it's like hanging out at the lake with Scott Turner and a great bunch of buddies.

"As far as my life is concerned, if I had it to do all over again, I'd spend more time fishing."

Batting clean-up, and definitely hitting a home-run in the classy department, "Maybe Baby" brings a certain air of innocence to the "Love and Sex" story. In this whimsical journey, instrumental variety is presented in the form of melodic clarinet played by seasoned pro Dave Driskell. No stranger to being in the studio or on stage with Scott, David demonstrates his mastery of the instrument, leads and harmonies all placed around the lyrics, painting the text and the story of this musical scenario.

Travel now to an Island where you'll find yourself at home anywhere and discover a recipe for fun. "Paradise" has an inspired feel of tropical breezes mixed with bar shots.

"This Train" delivers hard hitting bluegrass, driving rhythm with Skaggs inspired mandolin riffs and a high and lonesome expedition on the iron horse of life.

Smooth says it with a reflection on love lost. Dave Driskell brings in the 'sexyphone' to splatter classy riffs all over the song and along side of Scott's harmonica in "You Just Crossed My Mind".

And "Willie" rhymes with silly for a good reason in this answer to what life could be... A trip into the imagination of the man behind the curtain, a bigger than life journey that would be great to live.

Without a doubt, the most controversial and talked about song of the album, "I Miss Her" adds the final cut with a huge laugh in this gut splittingly funny song, delivering what will certainly be hailed as one of modern times most memorable musical moments.

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Scott Turner - "I'm a one man band kind of guy…
. . . I enjoy playing with other musicians, but I love the challenge, and the process, of creating musical pieces by playing multiple instruments myself. This, along with friends making special guest appearances, makes for my kind of music making fun..."

Simultaneous playing of guitar, drums, and harmonica, and singing, are at the core of Scott's live performances, but not left alone in the studio. In the studio he can create music by providing all the instrumentation necessary for a full production sound; drums, bass, acoustic and electric guitars, lap steel and resonator guitars, mandolin, harmonica, piano, keys, etc., even string arrangements have been know to show up in an album mix...

Download the "Love and Sex" album from CDbaby.com ...CLICK HERE