Original Music from Writer, Producer, and Entertainer,
Scott Turner.
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Charged with the energy of a new production environment, Scott Turner's 2020 creation of the "Soup" album has brought a deep legitimacy and a next level feel to this genre blurred songwriting achievement.


Hold on
At the end of the day
It could be better
I used to be a cowboy
Make your own luck
Old Mexico
Better with you

Continuing in his role as a multi-instrument studio monster, Scott Turner's talents as a one-man band expand far beyond his local pub performances in Pennsylvania to a much larger and polished presentation of this seasoned musician, writer and producer. The "Soup" album carries with it a strong rhythmic acoustic guitar base and a funky cool smooth laid-back groove throughout the tracks and across the board, certainly a Scott Turner trademark. Just when you want to place this music into the modern indie country genre, it merges into alternative rock filled with splashes of reggae, bluegrass, blues, zydeco and more, hence some of the intention of the titling: “Soup”, a mix of many Musical ingredients, analogous to life and its many ingredients and the fact that you just never know what you're going to get until it's all done.