Original Music from Writer, Producer, and Entertainer,
Scott Turner.
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It Was Cool    
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It was cool... Come along on a rock and roll, reggae, country, alternative, genre blurring musical adventure to your favorite island.


I don't know how it works
While I was waiting
The whistling song
August it was cool
Miniature world
Summer sun
The healing
What's good to eat

From songwriter Scott Turner.

Does anyone else like feeling good besides me?
I love it when a song can make you feel good. It's even better if I can write a song that makes other people feel good, like The Whistling Song.
I hope that's what I've done here. It seems as though I may have.
Of course, introing with a happy little whistling tune is a good start... Have you ever caught yourself in a good mood and whistling for no reason? It happened to me just the other day, and it felt like an oasis in a desert of despair.

All we have is this moment.
I want this song and other songs that I write to not just make people feel good, but actually help them as I help myself, to find a better life through appreciating what we have today. This, a nice rhythm and melody with some cool guitar and some whistling, seem to be the tools that work to make people feel better, and the point of this song.
I've watched listeners smile and dance when they listen to this song, and often whistling like a carefree child, hopefully more appreciative of the gifts they have today and more hopeful of the days to come.
Does anybody else like feeling good besides me?
"It Was Cool", is an album full of songs that were derived from the feelings and thoughts very closely associated with this very human experience that we called covid. I don't know how to cure the ills of covid nor the ills of humanity, but I'm hoping songs like the Whistling song are a good start, along with other songs on this album including "Meltdown" and "The Healing".
I have been writing songs for about a half of a century and I'm always so grateful for the fleeting moments of inspiration that bring life to songs like these.

"We're All in This Together. I've got your back, and you know it!"
Reflecting back on what inspired the words and music for the song, "The Healing", takes me to that first moment when I realized that because of the virus sweeping through humanity, I was not going to be allowed to sing. Me along with every other singer in the world had just been deemed superspreaders of the "vid".
The two-year anniversary of that moment arrived rapidly, and although I was not allowed to sing in public and lost nearly all the gigs I had booked or would have booked, I managed to release two albums and a four episode video web series. And my friends and I also managed to get together and make some noise every weekend.
Those are precious memories. "It was cool".
This was a little bit of the good that came out of the bad... but what of today? Will frustration continue to rear its ugly head as displaced anger continues to divide us? Will alcohol abuse and harsh words become our mantra? Will faith in a greater good become an antiquated notion?

Does anyone else like feeling good besides me?
Life is short that is for certain, too short for emotional roller coaster rides and name-calling. So pull up your big kid pants and start dancing.
"Here's a little bit of Truth, believe it if you're wanting to."

If ever there was a time that we could all use something that makes us feel better, it's now.

The song, “The Healing”, tells a bit of my story through the lens of covid. Like many other musicians, I lost my livelihood through this challenging period. Shows had to be cancelled while venues were shutting down. Public performances were not allowed. Singers were now labeled as non-essential workers and super spreaders of the virus. My fans connect with me in person at my live performances, but because of the vid, that all came to a screeching halt.

What a slap in the face and what a difficult reality to adjust to. I've always enjoyed science fiction as a genre, but not necessarily as a lifestyle. What a trip! Those were tough times. It's funny, but my passion and drive to create music did not diminish in the slightest, quite the opposite. You can only binge watch Netflix so much. It was time to create! I became energized with a new purpose. I set out writing, not just sharing my experiences, observations, and imaginings, but also with a goal of helping to provide some answers, to help provide a pathway to feeling better, for me and the listeners. I believe the song “The Healing” does that.

Find your bliss and listen in...